No Community Center, Now What?

Thank you to all who have volunteered at the California Avenue Veterans Hall over the past five years and participated in its renovation. We are so grateful for your steadfast support and service. So, you heard that Flood Bakersfield closed its Community Outreach center, but you still want to help Flood impact lives in Bakersfield. […]

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Reducing Homelessness

Before lasting life transformation can take place, one’s life circumstances have to change. Building Lasting Relationships is Key Providing numerous opportunities to gather regularly enables Flood to touch many individuals 2-3 times a week. Such opportunities are chronicled throughout this web site. Our consistent presence in the community allows individuals to rebuild structure in their life […]

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Community Transformation

The Southeast Ministry Center continues to dramatically increase the number of lives touched on a regular basis. Every week hundreds of people pass through our center’s doors. On any given day you’ll find job training, substance abuse intervention, a bilingual Bible study, men’s or women’s discipleship breakfast, other support groups or an after-school reading program. […]

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Transforming Lives

Every day the Flood Bakersfield Street Outreach teams are out in the homeless communities. They are the front-line in the effort to transform the lives of the homeless in Bakersfield and the surrounding areas. Not only are they on the lookout for new homeless people, they also check in on, and build relationships with those that are already known. They transport people to get vital documents, healthcare, and other places that are usually out of reach for the homeless.

They also respond to emergency calls from county and city organizations, as well as the Kern County Sheriff and the Bakersfield Police Departments regarding homeless people who need assistance. Ultimately, they identify homeless people, build trust, and get them started in the process back to health and home.

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